Jun 28 • 13M

Keyboard Kimura Podcast: Abundance and Scarcity in the UFC Schedule

You don't have a loaded UFC 276 fight card without a couple thinner events positioned around it on the calendar

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Thoughts and opinions on mixed martial arts from a long-time MMA writer.
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On this edition of the Keyboard Kimura Podcast, presented by ONE BONE

UFC 276 is a loaded fight card from top-to-bottom, but in order for this weekend to be electric, the next couple fight cards are bound to feature fewer established names and major fights.

As much as we’d all like the UFC to follow the Kendall Roy ethos of “all bangers, all the time,” it’s not possible and with abundance comes scarcity; that’s just how it works.

In addition to talking through the situation, ESK seeks out insights and discussion about whether the UFC should spread things out a little more evenly across the board in order for non-pay-per-view events to feature a few more familiar names and what the promotion can realistically do in order to elevate the profile of emerging talents that are still considered “not big enough names” to headline Fight Night shows and capture the attention of fans that cherish events like this weekend’s UFC 276 fight card, but turn around next week and lament the lack of big names slated to step into the Octagon.

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