UFC Vegas 57: One Question for Every Fight

Thought we'd try a little something different this time around, as we navigate each fight on this weekend's fight card in video format


In my never-ending quest to provide both in-depth, but also enjoyable content, I thought I would hit you with a change-up this week for One Question.

Rather than the exhaustive read that has landed in this space on every fight week Wednesday (save for one) since UFC 266 last September, I thought I would jump in front of the camera and talk about each of these bouts and the main question that is sticking in my head as we head towards the latest Fight Night at the UFC APEX.

This is a very good card from top-to-bottom with a couple really fascinating matchups on the docket, and I hope you enjoy getting a few more insights into what intrigues me, excites me, or confuses me about the pairings that will hit the Octagon this weekend.

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter if you like this format, and maybe we’ll have to make this a more permanent thing if folks dig it.

Big shouts to my guy Harry Powell for his production work and behind-the-scenes help with this venture, as well as suggesting I try doing a video in the first place.

And shouts to Sam, Adam, and the entire ONE BONE family for making the best gear in the world.

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